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Curriculum in Java

Java Is Preferred by Over 35% of Developers. Java is the most widely used and in-demand programming language in the IT industry.

  • Why Java
  • Paradigms
  • Diff B/W Java & Other (C,C++)
  • Java History
  • Java Features
  • Java programming format
  • Java Statements
  • Java Data Types
  • Introduction
  • Object
  • Constructors
  • This Key Word
  • Inheritance
  • Super Key Word
  • Polymorphism (Over Loading & Over Riding)
  • Abstraction
  • Interface
  • Encapsulation
  • Introduction to all predefined packages
  • User Defined Packages
  • Access Specifiers
  • String
  • String Buffer
  • What is Array
  • Single Dimensional Array
  • Multi Dimensional Array
  • Sorting of Arrays
  • Introduction
  • Pre Defined Exceptions
  • Try-Catch-Finally
  • Throws, throw
  • User Defined Exception examples
  • Introduction
  • Byte-oriented streams
  • Character – oriented streams
  • File
  • Introduction
  • Thread Creations
  • Thread Life Cycle
  • Life Cycle Methods
  • Synchronization
  • Wait() notify() notify all() methods
  • Introduction
  • Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float, Double, Character
  • Boolean classes
  • Introduction
  • Member Inner Class
  • Static Inner Class
  • Local Inner Class
  • Anonymous Inner Class
  • Introduction
  • Util Package interfaces, List, Set, Map
  • List Interface 7 Its Classes
  • Set Interface & Its Classes
  • Map Interface & Is Classes
  • Introduction
  • Components
  • Event-Delegation-Model
  • Listeners
  • Layouts
  • Individual Components Lable, Button, Check Box, Radio Button,
  • Choice, List, Menu, Text Field, Text Area
  • Basics of Networking
  • Introduction Diff B/W AWT and SWING
  • Components hierarchy
  • Panes
  • Individual Swings components J Label
  • JButton, JTextField, JTextAres
  • Simple Calculator
  • Weather Forecast Application
  • Contact Form
  • Distributed Multitier Applications
  • J2EE Containers
  • Web Services Support
  • Packaging Applications
  • J2EE 1.4 APIs
  • Tomcat-Introduction
  • Overview, installation, Configuring Tomcat
  • Jboss server-Introduction
  • Overview,installation and Configuration
  • Comparison
  • Basics of SQL queries
  • SQL Joins
  • Introduction
  • JDBC Architecture
  • Types of Drivers
  • Statement
  • Result Set
  • Introduction
  • Web application Architecture
  • HTTP Protocol & HTTP Methods
  • Web Server & Web Container
  • Servlet Interface
  • HTTPServlet
  • GenericServlet
  • Servlet Life Cycle
  • Servlet Config
  • Servlet Context
  • Servlet Communication
  • Introduction
  • Jsp LifeCycle
  • Jsp Implicit Objects & Scopes
  • Jsp Directives
  • Declaratives
  • Scriptlets
  • Expressions
  • UseBean tag
  • SetProperty tag
  • GetProperty tag
  • Include tag
  • Forward tag
  • Param tag
  • Plug-in tag
  • Params tag
  • Fallback tag
  • Directives tag
  • Scriptlet tag
  • Expression tag
  • Classic Tags
  • Simple Tags
  • Why Java
  • Paradigms
  • Diff B/W Java & Other (C,C++)
  • Java Features
  • Java programming format
  • Java Statements
  • Java Data Types
  • Autonomous Robot Navigation
  • Image Processing and Recognition
  • Social Media Platform

Java Training Projects

Develop Your Java Skills With Useful and Interesting Projects.


Simple Calculator

Create a basic calculator that performs mathematical operations like as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division based on input from the user.


Weather Forecast Application

Create a software program that gathers weather information from an application programming interface and gives forecasts for the weather for a specified place.


Contact Form

Create a form for calling or emailing application that allows users to save and arrange their contacts' contact information, phone numbers, as well as email addresses.


Restaurant Ordering System

Create a restaurant ordering procedure that makes it easy for patrons to peruse the menu, place orders, and track those orders until they are fulfilled.


Flight Reservation System

Create a system for booking flights that enables customers to look for flights, purchase airline tickets, and maintain their reservations at all times. Keep flight information in a database.


Banking System with Database

Create a banking system that uses a JDBC database to store data and allows for the establishment of accounts, transactions, and balance management.


Autonomous Robot Navigation

Create a Java program that enables a robot to autonomously traverse a space using a variety of sensors and techniques.


Image Processing and Recognition

Create an image analysis program that can recognize objects, apply multiple filters, and recognise faces.


Social Media Platform

Create a social media website that includes functions like profile pages, requests for friends, comments, posts, approves of, and the feed of news.

Key Highlights

Our Instructor

Learn from experts who are licensed and are currently employed.

Java Training Overview

Our Java training center in Chennai teaches students how to build scalable model-view-controller web applications with servlets, JSPs, and JSTL. JDBC and JPA-based persistence layers are particularly vulnerable for student-created relational databases. ACTE offers the best Java certification training in Chennai. It may be used to build Android apps and complex web applications that use a lot of data.

Additional Information

What Are the Requirements for an Online Java Training Course?

This Online Java training in Chennai spans from basics to sophisticated concepts. Knowledge of programming or an interest in programming is recommended.

  • A fundamental grasp of programming principles is required.
  • A steady internet connection.
  • A machine with the most recent Java version installed.
  • Eclipse or NetBeans IDE (integrated development environment).
  • A fundamental grasp of the command line.
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming ideas.

What Goals Are Achieved in a Java Programming Course?

The fundamentals of Java programming are covered in these classes. Learn about data types, loops, methods, classes, and object-oriented programming. Additionally, you'll study Java programming. With this knowledge, you might apply for jobs in software development or Java programming.

What New Java Frameworks Are There?

Recently, several businesses in the sector have ranked Java as one of the most popular programming languages. Because of the breadth, dependability, and dependability of Java upgrades, they are regularly provided. It's now simpler for developers to complete projects on time. In addition to developers, businesses are adopting it in their upcoming apps. The ACTE is a wonderful place to begin your quest for a Java learning environment. Both fresh and seasoned workers can benefit from the Java training we provide in Chennai. You may increase your understanding of this complex programming language with our classes.

Java is a well-liked programming language for building apps and internet services. The most modern Java frameworks are JavaFX, Spring Boot, Hibernate, and Apache Struts. JavaFX is a potent user interface framework that may be used to create desktop and mobile applications. A strong Java framework for creating enterprise-level applications is called Spring Boot. Java objects may be saved in a relational database thanks to the object-relational mapping tool called Hibernate. An established framework for creating secure and flexible Java web applications is called Apache Struts. These frameworks give developers the ability to create complex internet services and apps rapidly.

Future Works for Java

  • JavaFX is a framework for creating rich online applications that uses a hardware-accelerated, lightweight Java GUI platform.
  • Java 9: The three main areas of attention for this version of Java are speed, security, and modularity. A new module system, an updated HTTP client, and the new REPL (Read Evaluate Print Loop) tool are all anticipated to be included.
  • Java on mobile devices: Java is already used extensively on mobile devices and will be in the future. Applications running on mobile platforms like Android, BlackBerry, and others are powered by Java.
  • Java EE 7: The newest iteration of the business Java platform is scheduled to be launched in 2013. Cloud computing, HTML5 and WebSocket support, among other technologies, will be the main emphasis.
  • Java SE 8: The following edition of Java SE, Java SE 8, is anticipated for late 2013 or early 2014. It will concentrate on improving security and performance and introducing a new modular platform.
  • Java ME: Java ME (Micro Edition) is a platform for creating software for embedded systems, including mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and other portable devices. It is anticipated that it will be employed in the future.

A Guide to the Java Programming Language

  • The area of information technology where demand is highest is Java.
  • A multitude of uses for this computer programming language are possible.
  • In addition to being object-oriented and concurrent, it is also built on classes.
  • This programming language should be used while developing a wide range of applications.
  • The infrastructure of prominent websites run by well-known IT giants like Google and Amazon is built using the popular programming language Java.

What Advantages Can You Afford By Earning a Java Certification?

Since Java is one of the most flexible and compatible programming languages, it is widely utilized in the IT sector.

  • One such language is Java, which has several applications, ranging from the creation of large-scale systems to software for mobile apps.
  • If previous statistics is to be believed, by the year 2019, over 85% of all smartphones on the market will be Java-powered; at the moment, Android powers the majority of smartphones. Android is an OS built on Java software development libraries, just like its predecessor. Given these details, it's simple to understand how Java's adaptability can appeal to a wide range of organizations looking for competent programmers.
  • In the IT and computer industries, this language has made a name for itself as a dependable tool for Android developers.
  • Java is available on a variety of platforms, allowing for the construction of several edge devices and the opening up of a broad field of potential specializations. For example, understanding Java SE and Java EE is essential for Android development, and each of them necessitates in-depth research into data particular to the applicable application.
  • The backbone of websites controlled by large technological businesses like Google and Amazon is built using the well-liked programming language Java.

We can provide those of you who want to use this special Java language for coding on many devices with expertise using it through our training program.

Programming in Java is one such language that is used all over the world and has several applications. It is regarded as one of the simplest and safest programming languages out now. The need for mobile devices is growing, and there are more consumers every day, therefore the Java language has many uses and is evolving swiftly. So, it is safe to say that a bright and active future is ahead. The value of Java programming training and certifications is rising, and they are now widely respected.

With certifications from MNCs, you may obtain jobs at the top and industry-recognized certifications.

You will find it simple to land a job with prestigious firms like IBM, HCL, Cognizant, CTS, Dell, TCS, Accenture, etc., thanks to ACTE. After completing the training program, you'll get a work promptly with a competitive salary because our credentials are accepted all around the world. You will gain the following benefits from our certification:

  • It is a credential that is highly recognized, particularly by prestigious businesses.
  • It will improve the appearance of your portfolio and CV as a recent hire.
  • It equips students with the knowledge necessary to succeed on an exam.
  • Enhances your capacity to resolve issues in a job interview. helps you develop the skills necessary to complete assignments in your present employment.
  • Gain more recognition for your professions.
  • Build Making wise judgments is necessary for success in work.
  • Equips you for additional job by expanding your knowledge and abilities.
  • It serves as a digital check on how effectively something functions.
  • It improves a person's confidence and believability.
  • Possibilities for more money, better work, and job mobility.

Java Uses:

Java must rank among the best developments in the IT industry, according to everyone. It has an ecosystem that supports mobility and middleware. Many people use Java as their platform of choice because it is platform-independent and is thought to as an intuitive platform. The most common coding language now in the whole IT industry and among developers will surely continue to be Java in the future. If they complete their first project successfully, Java developers will start their careers with a nice package and a good compensation.

Java has a lot of use as a programming language. All different kinds of applications, including desktop software, web services, and mobile programs, are created using it. Java is used by common home appliances like televisions and Blu-ray players to handle data. This framework is also used in the development of enterprise applications like banking software. AI, big data, and scientific computing are further fields in which Java is used.

Microcontrollers and Internet of Things devices are among the embedded systems for which Java is utilized. Robots and self-driving automobiles are also programmed using it. Additionally, SaaS solutions and cloud-based apps are created using Java. To wrap up, Java is used in game creation to deliver immersive and engaging experiences.

Pros of Java:

  • Java is a platform-independent programming language, allowing applications created in it to run on any operating system, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and others.
  • Java is among the safest programming languages out there. It features a built-in security mechanism that helps shield users from viruses and harmful software.
  • Java has a solid memory management system, making it a robust language. This aids in ensuring that the application is free of glitches and faults.
  • The object-oriented language Java enables programmers to represent real-world items using classes and objects.
  • When compared to other programming languages, Java is one of the simpler ones to learn. Most of the principles are clear and its syntax is straightforward.
  • There are a ton of online resources and a sizable community of Java developers. For developers, this makes it simpler to seek assistance and resolve issues.
  • As one of the most widely used programming languages, Java training courses in Chennai make it simple to find advice online.
  • On all supported systems, Java runs without the need for recompilation.
  • The object-oriented nature of Java makes it simpler to understand, manage, and update code.
  • Java is safe because it restricts application access to the main memory.

These are some of the jobs that are available after completing Java training:

  • Making and maintaining Java programs is the responsibility of Java developers. Software applications, online applications, and mobile applications are all created using object-oriented programming.
  • Web apps made using Java are created by Java web developers using Java and associated technologies. For businesses and customers, they develop, create, and maintain online applications.
  • IT professionals that specialize in Java develop, test, and deploy software. To create and implement solutions that satisfy consumer expectations, they employ object-oriented programming.
  • Applications for databases are created, maintained, and supported by Java database programmers. Java and other compatible technologies are used to create database systems.
  • Java application architects design and create programs that operate on several machines. Complex applications for dispersed systems are written using object-oriented programming.

Tools and Knowledge for Java Developers:

The work of a Java developer goes beyond simply writing applications; understanding of multiple frameworks, libraries, tools, and architectural layouts is also necessary. Programmers can be identified as expert programmers by improving their expertise in light of market demands.

Let's take a closer look at a few of the widely used Java-based tools available today and shed some light on their popularity.The best tools for a java developer are those listed above, and proficiency with them is required for high-level roles. These tools need a basic understanding of java.

  • Eclipse: Java programmers use Eclipse as an integrated development environment (IDE) to create, test, and build programs. A visual editor, debugger, and compiler are just a few of the many capabilities it provides.
  • Apache Java-based web applications are hosted on Tomcat, a web server. One of the most often utilized web servers among Java programmers is this one.
  • Maven: Maven is a build automation tool for managing Java projects. It aids with the creation, distribution, and administration of Java applications.
  • Spring Framework: For building enterprise-level apps, utilize the open-source Spring framework. It is a popular and lightweight framework for Java programming.
  • Hibernate: Hibernate is a tool for object-relational mapping that connects Java objects to database tables. Writing persistent objects and mapping them to databases are made easier for developers.
  • Java code testing is carried out using the JUnit framework. It supports the creation and execution of unit tests by developers to make sure their code is functioning as intended.
  • Java programs are created using the build automation tool called Ant. Compiling, running tests, and deploying apps are just a few examples of repetitious operations that are made easier by automation.

Online Classes:

Beginner Java object-oriented programming is taught in our online Java course. It offers a reliable foundation for development. Beginners learn Java object-oriented programming at our top Java training in Chennai. Your development career will have a strong foundation thanks to it. Our primary objective is to teach you to be competent in programming in today's competitive industry and prepared to master mobile program development. Our finest Java classes in Chennai assume no prior programming skills. There is no requirement for prior programming experience at our Java Institute in Chennai. Our aim is to educate you mobile app development and how to program in today's competitive industry.You've just taken the first step toward a career in software development by learning about Java, one of the most well-liked programming languages and the foundation of Android. You will master the principles of software engineering while taking Java lessons in Chennai, and you will work on practical issues like developing algorithms and testing and debugging systems.

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Java Training Objectives

A Java Certification course is a thorough training course created to provide people the information and abilities they need to become competent Java programmers. These classes cover a wide range of subjects, from the Java language's basic grammar to more complex ideas like object-oriented programming, multithreading, and I/O operations.

  • Mastery of Java Programming
  • Certification Preparation
  • Real-World Application
  • Understanding Advanced Concepts
  • Flexibility and Accessibility
  • In a comprehensive Java training program, participants will gain expertise in fundamental Java concepts such as syntax, variables, and control structures. They'll delve deep into object-oriented programming, learn to handle exceptions, and explore data manipulation with the Java Collections Framework. The training will empower them with multithreading skills and proficiency in input/output operations, including file handling. Moreover, students will acquire database connectivity, GUI development, and the ability to create web and enterprise applications.

  • Java Programming Proficiency
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Exception Handling
  • Java Collections Framework
  • Multithreading and Concurrency
  • Java Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Android Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Introduction to Java
  • Java Fundamentals
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Exception Handling
  • Java Collections Framework
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    Industry Statistics

    Jobs / Month


    Avg. Salary

    ₹ 12,55,200

    Job Roles

    • Java Developer
    • Java Consultant
    • Java Architect
    • Java Administrator

    Java Certification


    A Java certification is a designation given to people who successfully pass an official examination and prove they are proficient in Java programming. These certifications often come from companies like Oracle and demonstrate a high degree of Java experience.

    Java certifications vouch for your abilities and competence, boosting your marketability. They may result in improved employment possibilities, professional development, and higher earning potential.

    One of the most well-known companies offering Java certifications is Oracle. There are other certification providers as well, but Oracle's credentials, such as the Oracle Certified Java Programmer (OCPJP), are widely-respected.

  • Java SE (Standard Edition) Programmer,
  • Java EE (Enterprise Edition) Web Component Developer,
  • Java EE Enterprise Architect
  • Recognize the exam's objectives
  • Use trustworthy study resources
  • Hands-on practice with mock exams
  • Attend study sessions
  • Review the basics
  • Consider Key Topics
  • Regular Review Will Improve Your Preparation
  • You can take Java certification tests online, according to Oracle. If a location complies with Oracle's technology requirements and proctoring guidelines, you are free to take the exam there in the comfort of your own home. Java certification is now more accessible to individuals all over the world because to online exams' flexibility and lack of travel requirements.

  • Experience in the real world is preferred but not necessary.
  • Java Certification Measures Structured Knowledge and Understanding.
  • Time commitment and the learning path advance skills.
  • Build the Skills You Need for Exam Success.
  • Achieving an ACTE Java Certification, which verifies knowledge and fosters skills for Java programming and job success, is influenced by individual professional goals and industry recognition. Think about the return on investment (ROI), potential networking opportunities, alternatives, and alignment with long-term career goals.

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    • Businesses have confidence in our ability to match them with the best individuals because of our considerable expertise and proven track record of success.

    • In this section, we'll examine the primary elements influencing this trust and examine how our constant commitment to excellence regularly results in remarkable results for our clients.

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    Course Completion

    Resume Building

    Group Discussion

    Mock Interviews


    Java Course Duration and Fees


    Course Duration

    Fees Structure

    Basic 1 - 1.5 Months 7,000₹ - 9,000₹
    Advanced 1.5 - 2 Months 7,000₹ - 10,000₹

    Job Opportunities in Java

    Java is preferred by more than 35% of developers. The most widely used and in-demand programming language in the tech industry is Java.

    Salary In Java
    Reach Our Placement Officer

    You can Work as a

    Junior DeveloperSenior DeveloperCore java J2EE DeveloperFull stack java developerJava backend developerJava – Microservice developerCore java Developer

    Upcoming In-Demand Jobs

    Android DeveloperJava – UI DeveloperJava developerJava Web DeveloperJava EE Developer

    Student Testimonials


    Students Feedback

    Continuous improvement is at the core of our mission, as we consistently seek to elevate the quality of the learning environment.

    People Love To Learn With Us


    Students successfully complete their courses.


    Users reported higher learning outcomes.

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    Java Training FAQ's

    Elevate Your Coding Skills - Core Java Training for Beginners and Beyond!

    Take into account your objectives, degree of experience, and the particular subjects you wish to study while choosing a Java training course. Examine the track record and course offerings of the training provider. To make a well-informed choice, read reviews and endorsements from previous customers.

    All levels of developers, from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals, may benefit from Java training. It is frequently chosen by those who want to work in the domains of software development, web development, mobile app development, and other relevant ones.

  • Java syntax,
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP),
  • Data structures,
  • Multithreading,
  • Database connectivity,
  • Web development.
  • A Java training course's length might vary significantly. While more thorough programs might go on for several months, shorter ones could just last a few weeks. The length of time depends on the training's specific goals and the extent of its covering.

    Following Java training, you need to be well-versed in Java programming and ready to pursue professions in software development or similar sectors. A lot of participants utilize their education as a base for Java certification and real-world initiatives.

    After completing their course, several Java programs award certification. Your Java abilities may be validated by these certificates, which may be issued by the educational institution. Moreover, there are Java certifications that are acknowledged in the business and call for separate tests, such those from Oracle.

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    An educational program called online Java training teaches Java programming using the internet. Anyone with an internet connection can access the course materials, lectures, and exercises.

  • Online Java training is flexible, allowing students to learn at their own speed and on their own timetable.
  • It is useful for people who are unable to attend in-person classes because it is available from anywhere.
  • In most cases, you require a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity. A Java Development Kit (JDK) may be required for practical activities, however specific software requirements might vary.

    For connecting with instructors and other students, online Java training courses frequently provide communication channels like forums, email, or live chat. The curriculum may also include live webinars and online classrooms.

  • Video lectures,
  • Reading materials,
  • Coding exercises,
  • Quizzes, and
  • Assignments
  • There might be a variety of requirements for online Java training. While more advanced courses would demand a foundational understanding of programming, some starting courses presume no prior expertise. Prior to registering, review the course prerequisites.

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    An organization's workers can learn Java programming and associated technologies through corporate Java training, which is a tailored training course created specifically for the needs of the firm.

  • Increased staff productivity,
  • The opportunity to work on Java-based projects internally,
  • Cost savings, and
  • Higher software quality .
  • Corporate Java training may be customized to meet the unique needs of the firm, taking into account the Java technologies, frameworks, and tools utilized in its projects. The company's applications and domain are frequently reflected in the curriculum and examples.

    Corporate Java training may be given in a variety of ways, such as in-person, online, or a hybrid of the two. The format is selected to best serve the demands of the business and its staff.

    Through evaluations, hands-on tests, and observing how well workers use their newly gained Java skills on real projects, businesses may gauge the success of their corporate Java training programs.

  • Java fundamentals
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Data structures
  • Multithreading
  • Database connectivity
  • Advanced Java concepts
  • Customization to company’s needs
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